Real Name: Brooke

Email: empty-brooke@hotmail.com

Gender: Female

Location: Toronto

Date Joined: 2 years ago

Last On: 2 years ago

Bio: I am very shy in real life, I don't like crowds and I have been described as 'a person who could watch the most brutal horror/thriller movies without flinching but screams when toast pops out of the toaster'.
Comics are a hobby and a way of life for me, but I do not plan to do anything with them involving a career.
I am short, look rather angry all of the time, and I have NO idea how to tell emotions apart.

Likes: comics, reading, writing, football, soccer, horror movies
Dislikes: country music
Fav Colours: Purple, Toxic Green
Fav Movies: Willard, Cube, Shawn of the Dead, City of Lost Children
Fav Shows: Doctor Who, Bones, Love You To Death, Nameless, The Big Bang Theory
Fav Comics: Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men, Watchmen, Hellblazer, Hellboy

I am an amateur comic artist and not afraid to admit it.

EmptyBrooke has worked on 4 comics

Comic Description Genre Issues View
Shark Bait Caroline Summers and her childhood friend, Scannerkil Disk, along with her new friends, travel the galaxy, trying to find Scannerkil's lost sibling... Sci-fi 51 View
One Sky Based on Kristofer Macher's story, One Sky.
Not Heroes, Just Demons
Horror 3 View
Fahrenheit 150 Being a hero isn't as easy as people make it out to be. First, you have to have a good sense of right and wrong. Have loyal friends who are always ... Fantasy 11 View
X-iomania The story of two disfunctional brothers and their friends as they are submerged in a world of demons and monsters when the elder of the two turns o... Horror 79 View

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