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Bio: SJS Comic Promotions is owned and operated by Promotions Consultant, Susan Soares. Opening its doors officially in 2009, Soares has been working in the comic book industry since 2007 as a part of Jolly Rogue Studios. The purpose of SJS Comic Promotions is to provide support and guidance to comic book creators in the areas of marketing and promotions of their properties. Currently SJS Comic Promotions represents Dandelion Studios, Fallenmage Productions, Big Bone Studios, Unstoppable Comics, Dark Brain Comics, Jolly Rogue Studios and Three J Productions LLC.

sjscomicpromo has worked on 5 comics

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Leaves of Yggdrasil Adopted children often wonder about their real parents, Sarah Callahan did. Then the dreams started, the old man with one eye nailed to the tree, t... Fantasy 5 View
Paradigm Shift Kate McAllister was one of the best detectives in Chicago, until she developed a bad case of lycanthropy.

Now she and her partner Mike are on t...
Sci-fi 290 View
Beyond the Dark Beyond the Dark is a modern horror graphic novel where several monsters and other entities are drawn to a small island north of Cape Cod Massachuse... Horror 8 View
CyberGen 2027 Welcome to the Incorporated States of America (ISA). A series of disasters left what was known as the United States of America in a crisis, and at ... Gaming 44 View
Sky Pirates of Valendor Five years before Captain Manheim is sent on the dangerous mission to rescue Melissa from the evil Temple Khorii, he was faced with another and eve... Fantasy 54 View

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