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So I've got my results back (I got a first for the site), and I've had a break from working on any personal sites for a while. A big thanks to everyone who used, and continues to use the site!

Now, however, it's time for improvements. Over the next month, I'm going to give the site an overhaul; the basic functionality will stay the same, but hopefully the site will be streamlined and become easier to use.

Some of the features I will be adding will include thumbnails for externally hosted comics, less restrictions for guests (by giving them the ability to vote, comment, and upload comics without registering), and a better way to view external comics.

If there are any other features you'd like to see, either email me, or click on the feedback tab at the top and give me your thoughts!

A month has gone by... - Jun 8th 2009

over 10,000 unique visitors

...and we've had over 10,000 unique visitors!

After an initial surge duing the first week (thanks to whoever submitted it to stumbleupon!), we have received a steady 100-200 visits a day, from all corners of the globe.

A big thanks to everyone so far! Soon, the site will be marked, and I will be able to continue to work on it. I already have some great new features planned, as well as a good idea on the direction I want the site to head in.

So, lets see if June is a good a month as May was!

Pow Comics is out of beta! - Mar 8th 2009

I've removed the beta status now, so the site is officially launched!

There may still be a couple of kinks that need working out, but the site is pretty much complete. It has been handed in a uni, and so I won't be able to change anything, but there are some great new features lined up!

For now, a drive for content is needed. If you create a webcomic, upload it, or synch up the RSS, it's easy!

2 days until completion! - Mar 3rd 2009

Well, it's getting very close now!

Pretty much all of the major features of the site are in place now, including comments, ratings, favourites, and subscriptions. Over the next 2 days, a general tidy up will be made, as well as some asthetic changes.

One new feature I am particularly happy about, is the ability to plug in an RSS feed from an external webcomic. This allows people who already have a comic hosted somewhere else to use PowComics as directory almost, driving traffic to their existing site.

Pow Comics Beta is Launched - Apr 6th 2009

Welcome to the Pow Comics Beta!

For now, only the most basic functions are here. But over the next few weeks, more and more features will be added, such as:

  • Rating system
  • Comments
  • Advanced search/filter system
  • Subscription system
  • RSS Feeds
  • Favourites

So for now, have a look around the site, see how it works, and if you have any comments, good or bad, just click on the feedback tab at the top!

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