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Captain Star


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Captain Star

Before we get to the actual comic let's first go over the character profiles.

Jacen Star

Meaning-"Healer,the lord is salvation"

Nicknames:Jay,the enforcer,wally


Birthdate:April 20,3981-born under Aries "The

Birthplace:Tunderlore/Earth 2

Home Planet:Arteng

Profession: Pirate

Hobby: Performing, preparing something, collecting



Strengths:Adventerous, energetic, courageous

Weaknesses:Self-centered, short tempered, impulsive

Height:6'3 Weight:182

Hair: Dark Brunette,short, slicked back

Eyes:Hazel Skin:Light peach

Basic Description:Strong body, handsome,face is Long


Style of dress: Black Captains cap, england coat is
wine colored/cotton velvit, made very well-can
stand numerous wearings


Summary/background:Elected into power, hired
by police for protection against criminals, he is the supreme commander aboard his ship


Personality:Intuition, creativity, adventure, vision

Likes:Action, coming first, challenges

Dislikes:Waiting around, admitting defeat

Lifes Ambition: Likes the good things in life
and will work hard the lifestyle he is most
comfortable with

Quirks and Traits
Simple and straight forward, loves action
and is often trying to stir up activity. He
rushes where people fear to tread and
pushes the boundaries

Generally outer directed, has a desire to
change society

Reaction to meeting new people
Enjoys meeting new people and others

Social pressures/problems
Always tripping over himself,
inviting conflict and harsh

General Public Behaviour
Loves freedom and will accept
any challenge

Cares little

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