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Issue 9 Issue 9 In a bumper issue, Ripper gets into big trouble.
Issue 8 Issue 8 Ripper finds himself in Konoha Village again. BUT HOW!?
Issue 7 Issue 7 Ripper's first big adventure goes horribly wrong.
Issue 6 Issue 6 Ripper's first big adventure begins!
Issue 5 Issue 5 Ripper goes to jail. Well, by the time of this comic, he's been there for a month.
Issue 4 Issue 4 Ripper causes Hysteria.
Issue 3 Issue 3 Refusing to pay a tip gets Ripper into an explosive problem.
Issue 2 Issue 2 Ripper gets a job.
Issue 1 Issue 1 Ripper moves to Konoha Village.

The System Is Broken!

The adventures of a Hedgefox called Ripper and his adventures in Konoha Village from Naruto.

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Ripper the Hedgefox


Ripper the Hedgefox


Ripper the Hedgefox


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