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Comedy and Tagedy

Well its hard to explain but I'll try, basically there are two main characters they were mercenaries essentially, but due to the loss of their former partner sympathy while they were hunting down a proxie (person controlled by the "slender man") they don't kill for money anymore. when they were hunting down this particular proxie they had no former knowledge of what a proxie was or who the hell the slender man is so they had no idea that they were tampering with forces they couldn't control or even hope to fight, so when they followed the trail of information surrounding this proxie who had been burning down houses and killing people in sadistic/ritualistic ways they were directoed to a abandoned house in the woods where they entered and searched for clues all three of them Comedy, Tragedy, and Sympathy but when comedy and tragedy went upstairs to search for clues sympathy chose to go down stairs into the basement. until comedy ad tragedy smelled smoke they had no idea what was going to happen next the house lit up like a box of matches engulfing the house immediately but when comedy and tragedy got outside them both burned pretty bad on their arms and faces they realized that sympathy was missing and that they couldn't go back into the house to get him so since he was in the basement and could be safe in a tomb of concrete they tried to contact him through the radios they had set up in a telle-communicator rig they had set up on their arms but the only thing they heard was his blood curdling scream and sympathy yelling "stay away, slender, slender, slender!" and then it faded away, forever scarred by this tremendously horrifying occasion they now hunt down the slender man and his minions trying to get their memory back and avoid becoming proxies themselves.

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