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The Diplomat The Diplomat ]]>
Halt! Halt! ]]>
Cutting-Edge Cutting-Edge ]]>
It's Nina, damnit! It's Nina, damnit! ]]>
Excitement Excitement ]]>
Enough! Enough! ]]>
Fun Fun ]]>
Street Fighter? Street Fighter? ]]>
State of Mind State of Mind ]]>
The Toast! The Toast! ]]>
I Wanna FIGHT! I Wanna FIGHT! ]]>
Catharsis Catharsis ]]>
Violence! Violence! ]]>
Destination Destination ]]>
Creepy Stalker Creepy Stalker ]]>
Experimenting Experimenting ]]>
Chapter Cover Chapter Cover ]]>
Troll Girl goes to the doctor! Troll Girl goes to the doctor! ]]>

Troll Girl

Amelia has the unique ability to say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times. Unfortunately, that kind of skill is not appreciated when your job is to keep people from killing themselves...

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