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Classics 1 and 2. Classics 1 and 2. Older designs of the characters.
Game on! Game on! The heroes play video games.
Logged out. Logged out. A cocky hero decides to act alone.
The copycats. The copycats. We take out the rip-off versions of ourselves.
Smarter then your average sidekick. Smarter then your average sidekick. One of the least intelligent heroes comes up with a brilliant idea.
Teleport trick. Teleport trick. One of our heroes plays a trick on his teammates.
Don't loose your head! Don't loose your head! One of our heroes has lost His head.
Half cocked. Half cocked. One of the Heroes leaves the group.
Respawn! Respawn! A fallen hero comes back to life.

Heroes of the Web

Three heroes set out to fight evil online in a superhero mmorpg.

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