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Steampunk Adventures Pg6 "Frubble" Steampunk Adventures Pg6 "Frubble" Bjorn ,Xue and Sara prepare for war ... after they get dressed
Comic » Pg 5 #Steampunk Air Pirates #webcomic Comic » Pg 5 #Steampunk Air Pirates #webcomic Added 2 Weeks Ago
Comic » Page 4 Comic » Page 4 Added 2 Weeks Ago
Comic » Chapter 3 Page3 #steampunk #webcomic #polyamory Comic » Chapter 3 Page3 #steampunk #webcomic #polyamory Added 3 Weeks Ago
Comic » Chapter 3 Page2 #steampunk #webcomic #polyamory Comic » Chapter 3 Page2 #steampunk #webcomic #polyamory Added 4 Weeks Ago
Comic » Chapter 3 Comic » Chapter 3 Added 4 Weeks Ago
Comic » Page_47 Comic » Page_47 Added 1 Month Ago
Finding Time Finding Time Time management! When do you find time to draw! I’m not getting paid to draw this comic. I have a family and a full time job. Other painting ...
Comic » Page_46 #Steampunk #Wecomic Comic » Page_46 #Steampunk #Wecomic Added 1 Month Ago
How to get past “Artist Block” How to get past “Artist Block” Artist block .. its that moment where your staring at a blank page .. art tool in hand and nothing comes to mind. You want to draw but you can&#821...
Comic » Page_45 #steampunk #Webcomic Comic » Page_45 #steampunk #Webcomic Added 2 Months Ago
Why you should draw LARGE! Why you should draw LARGE! I remember sitting in a park with a sketchbook, I was about 10 years old and I was having lunch with my Godmother. I remember showing her a drawing...
Comic » Page_43 Comic » Page_43 Added 2 Months Ago
testing the feedburner! testing the feedburner! So I’m trying to get all my feeds together .. I’m hoping that I’m not creating a feed loop.
Twitter pictures of my sketches Twitter pictures of my sketches Hey folks! I’m starting to take pictures of my sketches as I create them from my phone and posting them on twitter via instragram. You can se...
Diffaculty drawing chapter 3 Diffaculty drawing chapter 3 So chapter 3 has been a huge problem. It has been the most difficult to draw. And not just on a physical draw correctly kind of way. But also in th...
Keep posting Keep posting So I had to move my hosting ,so far so good. The site does a lot of things automatically that i was going to spend hours trying to write code for. ...
New Webpage New Webpage After getting REALLY pissed off at Godaddy I have chosen to move my site is the new page for now . If I...
Still working Still working So I know that a few of you are wondering if I’m still alive … yes I am .. I’m just getting ready to move to Sydney AU . The prob...
We have moved !!! We have moved !!! wordpress is great and all.. but I think that a different format would be better I have Moved the site to

Steampunk Adventures

Follow the adventures of this team of Victorian misfits as they sail the seas in their steam boat, defend treasure against a giant mechanized soldier and rescue a team mate from the brig of a sky ship. A comic where the heroes are bad at being good, the bad guys are working on their communication and relationship skills, and everyone is rebelling against the confines of Victorian society. "Red" the Victorian era's answer to Laura Croft, Alex her carousing first mate, and Reginald - the still water that runs deep among these friends - face off with poly-amorous pirates, "proper" Victorian "gentlemen, a secretly murderous monkey - and more.

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