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Soda Power. Soda Power. Oi! Whats up!

If you have a habit that you are trying to get rid of this ones for you!

Shout out to the show Ghost Adventures on netflix for ...
Bunny Dream. Bunny Dream. Sorry this is late. . .My ISP is having issues. But anyhew here's Wednesdays strip!

See you Friday!!
Tea Time. Tea Time. Ever meet that one guy who just wouldn't shut up?
Sick. Sick. Ugh! I'm still sick!! Today was horrible! I couldn't sleep because of my stuffed up nose.

At least I have Deus Ex on Xbox360 to cheer me up. Now...
Raptor Leg. Raptor Leg. BLAAAH!!!! I'm sick with a cold!! Here's numero 93 with mucho sneeze droplets on it!!

See you Friday with a bill of clean health and another DH ...
Dig Dug. Dig Dug. This strip is dedicated to Ray who burned the movie "The Zoo Gang" (which is not available on dvd only vhs) for me on DVD.

It's a special movie ...
Bat Battle. Bat Battle. If you have a PSP and love dungeon crawling games mixed with dungeon building. . .make sure you get Dungeon Maker, It Rawks the Casbah!

See you ...
Ninja Star. Ninja Star. Wow!! we are already on strip 90? It seems like only yesterday I was drawing the first comic strip wondering if anyone would like it. Anyhew I have...
Dr. Excuse. Dr. Excuse. Behold the almighty Dr.'s Excuse in all it's treasure stealing glory!!
Snail Drive. Snail Drive. Who's up for some escargot? Special thanks goes out to Big Wa Chinese food for the fuel, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure for the entertainment, ...
Warp Whistle. Warp Whistle. This is a tribute to my favorite game "The Legend of Zelda" for the 8-bit Nintendo.

Enjoy ;)
Burnyewbad. Burnyewbad. Whoa!! I logged on to Steam this morning and saw that they are selling Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas for $10 bones each!!
Freakin Sweet!!

Cthulhu Punch!! Cthulhu Punch!! I am a major packrat when it comes to video games, I still have Atari 2600 and I must say one of my favorite items in my collection are my classic ...
Pool Digging. Pool Digging. Here's Wednesday strip with extra stinkyness!
Summertime Blues Summertime Blues Man I can't wait for winter! This Arizona heat is miserable! Speaking of heat, let's see how Tiggz and Tomes handle it!
Sight Beyond Sight, Sight Beyond Sight, This strip is a tribute to the all new Thundercats cartoon that will be out soon!

See you Monday!:D
Tiggz vs. Wild Tiggz vs. Wild Hmmmm it's Wednesday, you know what that means......PIZZA DAY!!!

See you Friday!;)
Believe! Believe! Cool It's finally raining here in Arizona!! Makes me want to play some 8-bit Castlevania 3!
Grasshopper Guy. Grasshopper Guy. Well well well it's Friday! I swear this month is flying by!! Much like the Grasshopper guy mount. . . .well actually that would be hopping by.

The Interview. The Interview. It's Wednesday already? where the heck did the week go?

Anyhew it appears that Tiggz has an interview with a pretty reputable outfit! Lets see ...
Dungeon Ebay! Dungeon Ebay! Have you ever found a cool ancient relic that was buried deep within a dark mountain and after you spent countless hours fighting evil creatures to...
Darkness. Darkness. Greetings Dungeoneers!

This strip is a tribute to the great Michael Berryman!! Don't know who that is? Shame on you!!

In other news. . . .lat...
Gibdo. Gibdo. Don't you hate when you shake someones hand and it has a funky smell? I know Tiggz does!
Bleedy Nose II. Bleedy Nose II. I was having second thoughts about posting this but a Friend talked me into releasing it so here it is . . . This is a sequel to Strip #69 "Bleedy ...
GO!! GO!! And what is Super Sentai? It came before Power Rangers and is waaaaay better! Here's a taste.
Armor. Armor. Two likeminded warriors meet up and the strangeness ensues!
Bucky O'neal Bucky O'neal Behold! The feline race of the powerful Catonians! Now it is time to play some LOTRO and watch the Twilight Zone marithon!
Spikey. Spikey. Happy Friday!!

Ugh! had to reformat my hard drive cause theirs too much crap going on, ah well feels good to have a cleaner faster computer!

Bleedy Nose. Bleedy Nose. I drew this while Farming with my Hobbit on LOTRO so I award myself +50 nerdness.

Special thanks goes out to the movie "Labyrinth" for entertain...
1981. 1981. I did this strip one night and woke up the next morning and thought. . . . . "Wow this is kinda lame" But I really like the burglar character and t...
The Wish. The Wish. Whew! It's finally Friday! Where the heck did the week go? Here's you Friday fix of DH hope you enjoy it!

As of late I have been playing a lot ...
Ratz. Ratz. Ever have one of those days?
And remember Wednesday is pizza day so make sure you get a hot slice!

See you Friday!!
Refund. Refund. Have you ever bought something and it just didn't meet your expectations? I did and it's called Duke Nukem Forever, but we won't get into that:)
Zanbato. Zanbato. Wow! it's finally Friday! This strip is dedicated to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 which I have been enjoying Immensely on my PSP as of late:)
Aerophobia. Aerophobia. Hello Friends!

Hope all is well in your world! Unfortunately in Tiggz's world things couldn't get any worse!:(
Stoned. Stoned. A strange Dungeon Hordes strip to kick off your Monday!:)
Ghost Hunted. Ghost Hunted. Special thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the first 10 minutes of Hell Raiser 4 for entertaining through this strip.
The Halfling. The Halfling. Halfling Power!!
Wolftime! Wolftime! It's Wolftime!!
The Healer The Healer Your Friday Dungeon Hordes Fix:)
Results. Results. Wow this month went quick!!
Sold! Sold! Special thanks to the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" for entertaining me during the making of this comic and to Filiberto's delicious nachos f...
Wrong Order. Wrong Order. Wow! it's Friday already? Where the heck did the week go?
Here's you Friday Dungeon Hordes fix! :D
The Puppy. The Puppy. I hereby unofficially declare Wednesdays as Pizza Day! So today head on over to your favorite pizza restaurant and indulge in maddening goodness!!
Connect Four. Connect Four. I can honestly say I have never won at connect four :(
Goblin. Goblin. Don't mess with the gobby.
Zombie Poo. Zombie Poo. Ever stand next to a zombie and he smells like poo?. . . . . Me neither.
Tour Guide. Tour Guide. Dedicated to all whom have suffered under the talkative fairy in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". I am also a victim of this sadistic creature!
Chicken! Chicken! The epic lunch!!!
Necromancy 101. Necromancy 101. This particular strip is dedicated to the name "Demongrinder".

I first started using the name in on-line poker games and then it was used in mmo...
Sai. Sai. Special thanks to the movie "Return of the living dead" for keeping me company while drawing this!
Demo. Demo. Some epic spider slaying!
Count Voriuth. Count Voriuth. The return of Count Voriuth!!

On a side note I wish I had some Count Chocula!!
Loot. Loot. For those of you who play mmo's. . . .you know that one guy who always loots instead of helping the party fight? Well. . . unfortunately so does To...
Difference of Opinion. Difference of Opinion. The almighty difference of opinion
Konami Code Fail. Konami Code Fail. More Konami Code Madness!!
Wasp Wasp This goes out to all the wasps I've teased as a kid. . . sometimes I got them, sometimes they got me. . . .And what did I learn from the whole expe...
The Elemental. The Elemental. Desert survival tip: If you ever find yourself lost in the desert with no source of water.........drink your friends water elemental!!

Thanks to...
Hell Hound. Hell Hound. Behold the Hell Hound!
Pet Shopping! Pet Shopping! Dedicated to you folks who ever searched in vain for that special pet in any MMORPG that had quest specific pets. I remember hunting for a dragon w...
Wishmaster. Wishmaster. Wishmaster is an awesome movie!. . . .Too bad it scares the hell out of Tomes :p
Olrox! Olrox! Remember that sword familiar on Castlevania SOTN? Well let's see what happens if it's given to Tiggz!
Cockroach! Cockroach! OK, this comic is a tribute to my one weakness. . . . cockroaches!

Here in the desert we have these huuuuge roaches called desert roaches. Which...
The Pub. The Pub. The Pub.
Torture Torture The horror!
Konami Code Konami Code Remember the old Konami Code? well if you don't here's what it is!
9am appointment 9am appointment The Cube!
Tough Love Tough Love Tiggz VS Lisa the Berserker!

Round 1. . . . . FIGHT!!
Warbunny Warbunny Never underestimate a bunny with a war hammer.
Spellbook Spellbook This is a very serious lesson! Never play with a pyromancers spellbook!!
The Armor of Kaleth!! The Armor of Kaleth!! Behold the Unholy Armor of Kaleth!!
The Torivian Warmace! The Torivian Warmace! Tiggz and Tomes friendship is tested by the need of an Epic Torivian Warmace. Lets see what happens. . . . . . .
The Tyrant. The Tyrant. Behold the unholy Darklord that is Kalakis!!

See you Monday :)
The Mount. The Mount. When all else fails improvise!! :)
The Bard! The Bard! This is what happens when you combine Tiggz and Tomes with a Bard!

Also on a serious note. . . Sending love, prayers and positive vibes to Japan!
Pennypockets!! Pennypockets!! Tiggz tries out his bartering skills!

Vote for Dungeon Hordes on Top Webcomics :D
Lost. Lost. Hello Dungeoneers! here's your Wednesdays fix of Dungeon Hordes!
Another 148 Hours. Another 148 Hours. Tiggz and Tomes face their greatest enemy!!

Vote for Dungeon Hordes on Top Webcomics :D
TCG TCG Behold the mighty Dungeon Hordes Trading Card Game has been introduced. Let's see what our two warriors think about it.
PAUSE!! PAUSE!! Here's your Wednesdays Dungeon Hordes fix:) <br />
<br />
Also, a fellow artist by the name of smolderingremains needs a little help catching up...
In the Eye of the Beholder. In the Eye of the Beholder. Tiggz shows Tomes the proper way to throw a rope dart.

My Dungeon Hordes Page
Pancakes!! Pancakes!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm after drawing this I want pancakes!
Braaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiins!! I mean Paaaaaancaaaaackes!!

*shuffles to the kitchen*
Knee-Pads! Knee-Pads! +40 to knee protection!
Goldman!! Goldman!! Goldman relates his problems to Tiggz.
Spiked Merclops Spiked Merclops Special thanks goes out to Spiked Merclops from Facebook!
Tiggz the Destroyer!! Tiggz the Destroyer!! Just got Dragon Quest VI on my Nintendo DS. Time to lock myself away and quest.......but don't worry you'll still get your Dungeon Hordes daily fix...
Lisa the Berzerker!! Lisa the Berzerker!! Happy Valentines Day!!
Bloodsucker!! Bloodsucker!! Kale vs. Tiggz!!
The Nekid Elf. The Nekid Elf. Yeah Tomes never got the memo that the developers were adding in game pets.
Charon the Riverman! Charon the Riverman! Two warriors brave the ancient river.
The Slime! The Slime! Tiggz vs. The Slime!
The Spider! The Spider! Tiggz and Tomes vs. The Spider!!
Round 1! Round 1! FIGHT!
Dungeon Hordes 60k Dungeon Hordes 60k Welcome to the Future!!
The Fearless Vampire Killer! The Fearless Vampire Killer! Enter Kane!
The Ambush!! The Ambush!! Two brave warriors attempt to take down the mysterious player one using their elite combat training skills, will they succeed? stay tuned for more ...
Back in the game! Back in the game! Tiggz and Tomes back in Dungeon Hordes.

Dungeon Hordes

In 1986 Dungeon Hordes was released on the Playtendo and moved 1 million units world wide which is way more successful than its previous release on the Batari 2200 in 1979.

Now in 2011 Dungeon Hordes has returned bigger and better than ever with mind numbing graphics and all new enemies to fight.

So how do the characters in game feel about this? Only time will tell. Enter the lives of Tiggz and Tomes, two level 5 bosses tired of being easily killed by player 1 and wanting the glory of finally becoming more than just petty bandits.

Will they survive the new creatures that the mighty programmers have added to the game?

Will they ever kill player 1 and move up the mob boss ladder?

Will they ever get a raise from their uptight dungeon boss Kalakis and finally pay off their ale tabs at the Stinky Dragon Inn?

Stay tuned and find out.....

Will be updated Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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