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The Parable The Parable Be thankful for your family and how they support you this Christmas. Comment with your thoughts.
You Can't Get Away from Stupidity You Can't Get Away from Stupidity
Does Parenthood have a Final Exam? Does Parenthood have a Final Exam? When I was little, this is what I would do to my mom. I would ask questions so fast that she didn't have time to answer them!
Free Christmas Card! Free Christmas Card! Here's my special Christmas gift to you, my fans.
Say "Merry Christmas" in a whole new way with an Ivory Tower Christmas card! Simp...
Why Men Hate Shopping Why Men Hate Shopping In this comic, the dad is based on my father and grandfather. Yes, they hate shopping.
Clowns are Terrifying.  Really. Clowns are Terrifying. Really. On The Ivory Tower Facebook page, my fans had the chance to win a personalized sketch. Become a fan now!
Music Sharing Site Music Sharing Site Here are some of the best sites where you can download or listen to music legally:
What's a Social Club? What's a Social Club? One of my readers wrote this about this comic: "A social club is a group of closely nit people. I'm a beta and proud of it. We have a bro...
Why Do You Read the Newspaper? Why Do You Read the Newspaper? This is the first comic that I wrote for The Signal, the acclaimed newspaper of Ouachita Baptist University.

1 Ivory Tower

A new comic strip with a hilarious perspective on college life. Starring two nerdy professors, their inquisitive young son, and defiant freshman daughter.

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