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Chap.1 Page 14 Chap.1 Page 14 I'm so sorry to anyone who might actually be reading this!I haven't updated in so long because I kinda forgot about this site.I promise it won't ha...
Chap.1 page 13 Chap.1 page 13 Last page for now.(you have to wait until I update again for more pages,sorry)
Chap.1 page 12 Chap.1 page 12 ...
Chap.1 page 11 Chap.1 page 11 ...Meet Aoki(ay-OH-kee).
Chap.1 page 10 Chap.1 page 10 ...
Chap.1 page 9 Chap.1 page 9 ...
Chap.1 page 8 Chap.1 page 8 ...
Chap.1 page 7. Chap.1 page 7. ...I have nothing to say.
Chap.1 page 6. Chap.1 page 6. Lolz,Avery is such a terrible liar. XD But,her mother still believes she's telling the truth anyways. XD
Chap.1 page 5. Chap.1 page 5. I made her hair a tiny bit too short.>.< Anyways,so,yeah. Didn't I tell you the art would improve?:3
Chap.1 Page 4. Chap.1 Page 4. ...AGAIN,the art'll improve by the next page.
Chap.1 page 3. Chap.1 page 3. ...Art'll improve by the fifth page. (improve a LOT)
Chap.1 page 2. Chap.1 page 2. The sketchiness means it's part of her dream from last night.
Chap.1 Page 1. Chap.1 Page 1. ...Art'll improve by the fifth page.
David and the discovery-Chapter cover David and the discovery-Chapter cover So basically,the blonde haired girl is Avery and the blue dragon dude is David(seems pretty much obvious).Again, the art WILL improve by the fifth ...
Cover Cover Um,yeah.So this was the first ever web-comic I made.Please continue reading and don't stop here :(! I promise the art will improve by the fifth pag...


Avery is a 14-ear old girl who has found a rainbow key that leads to another dimension full off non-humans. Soon she finds out she is the princess of the elves that live there. She must follow David, a blue dragon, as he leads her to the elven kingdom.

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