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You heard me! =D The Real Life Fiction comic book is actually here! Woo! It includes the first 28 pages of the comic.
Hi guys! I've decided to start updating the main site a week ahead of all the mirror sites. Therefore, you can see today's comic over at http://rlf...
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Soooo...I just did up a lovely little t shirt design and posted it over on Threadless. However, to get printed it needs votes! So please, if you li...
I've been playing around with more shirt designs. Trying to do more designs in order to practice composition and play with different styles. This ...
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In light of the tsunami that has struck Japan, I've posted one of my masks up for a one day auction over on Ebay. 100% of the proceeds will go to t...
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Goodness me, but it was hard to pick a winner for this contest! D= However, after much dithering I have concluded that Captain Clogger is the winni...
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I'm holding a contest, just for kicks! The first issue of the RLF comic book will come out soon...but in the meantime, I do have in my hot little h...
Just posted another page of Jenny Normal over on the main site. Enjoy! =D
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Just added the next page of Jenny Normal! Enjoy!
Thought I ought to mention that there are some bonus comics over at the main site, include a superhero spoof called Jenny Normal.
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A couple of the sketch cards I've done, including one of Tamit and Schrodinger's zombie cat, are now up on my Etsy shop along with the masks I've b...
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I realize this arc has continued past Christmas...but I don't care! =D It was fun to do. Also, I'm selling an original Manicorn sketch card, signed...
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There was a request for RLF wallpapers, so I've done a pair of them you can find them on my Deviant Art site here.
I finally, finally got some T shirt designs done! Currently there's one of Schrodinger's zombie cat, one of Manicorn, and one from Mixed Myth. I ha...
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Some of you may have read my oldest comic, Mixed Myth. It ran for about four years, mostly during my college years. I sometimes get nostalgic about...
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...we're also now on twitter.. Gul durned newfangled social media! Why, back in my day we had to communicate by smoke signals!
By the way, Real Life Fiction now has a Facebook page
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Happy thanksgiving to people in the US! For the holiday, I've posted the comic on this site a day early.
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I've started an art blog called The Artropod! It's meant to link all my various projects and comics together, as they seem to be spread all over th...
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First of all, I'm very sorry for the slowed schedule. Some family medical emergencies have come up and things have been a bit fubar. I doubt I will...
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New update! But not here, as you may have noticed. I've decided to stagger updates by a day. So, you can get the comic promptly at at the main site...
But don't worry! I'm still on Smackjeeves. I will keep this site as a mirror and still hang out with all you cool people. However, my Big Major Off...
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I am back and ready to work on a new comic. This last month has been crazy. Two weddings, a renn fair, a week...
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Just wanted to let you all know that no, I'm not on hiatus. It's just been a conspiracy of business. I've been hopping from wedding to wedding and ...
So, I am participating in a contest over at The Fabler in which the prizes involve either a Cintiq or a nice Intuos. Currently, I use a small 6&quo...
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I am definitely going to have to add Beyond the Canopy to the list of comics I read. I'm not sure how to describe it, really. It's cute, it's funny...
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The title says it all! Oh man, I'm really liking this one. I love a good parody, true, but I've also been getting tired of the big beefy macho men ...
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I've decided to start writing some mini-reviews of various webcomics out there to help increase the exposure of some little-to-moderately well know...
Behold the Power Behold the Power Added on Monday
Added on Monday
Not Colbert's word. I'm not that cool. But it occurs to me that my links page does not include banners for people who wish to link back to RLF. It ...
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Good news, everybody! I invented
actually I just went back and colored one of the earlier pages.

It's a suppository! Well, not really...
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Added 2 Weeks Ago
No, I'm not a cyberman. I've just been doing a bit of house cleaning. I've deleted much of the filler pages from the comic...I figured they were ge...
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Added 4 Weeks Ago
Today's guest is Bec. She makes monsters!
Childhood Dreams Childhood Dreams Added 2 Months Ago
Added 2 Months Ago

Real Life Fiction

What if you could order a Superhero like a latte? What if paper cuts were caused by ninjas? What if the only thing protecting you from the villains of the night was a sparkly pink were-unicorn?

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