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Fahrenheit 150 Vol.1 Cover Fahrenheit 150 Vol.1 Cover The cover of Vol.1 features Luxman Burnheart and Eseza Sky-Walker trying to stay afloat. A little peek at the sort of world they live in.
I tried...
Shurlee Shurlee The Hologram
Cassandra the Sun-Favoured Cassandra the Sun-Favoured The Pixie Bitch
Mark Gormegor Mark Gormegor The Advisor
Carden Hayner Carden Hayner The Pirate
Laurie Tesser Laurie Tesser The Archer
Matthew-Derryk Von Sheidt Matthew-Derryk Von Sheidt The Genius
Bludo Ironfist Bludo Ironfist The Cloud Thrasher
Adine Bach Adine Bach The Magician
Eseza Sky-Walker Eseza Sky-Walker The Iirm Sadist
Luxman Burnheart Luxman Burnheart The Afrit

Fahrenheit 150

Being a hero isn't as easy as people make it out to be. First, you have to have a good sense of right and wrong. Have loyal friends who are always by your side. And you should be, preferably, human.

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